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We are an emerging non-profit dedicated to equity in K-12 education

The Center for Education Market Dynamics is a K-12 market intelligence organization with three big goals:

Illuminate, Guide, Uplift

To illuminate the labyrinth of this market, offering clear and reliable information to all stakeholders

To guide decision-makers at pivotal points in their decision-making  journey, supported by research, our intuitive tools and community of peers

To uplift the entire market over time – by fostering dialogue and thought leadership among stakeholders in various roles to advocate for better, more equitable education markets

Who we serve

CEMD provides district leaders with contextualized data and information to help them make decisions that generate equitable outcomes.

When K-12 leaders have access to complete, consistent, reliable information, they can confidently reach informed decisions faster.  We work with state leaders and like-minded mission-based organizations to elevate the most recent findings and innovative district practices while fostering peer-to-peer learning to support district leaders.

CEMD is a fiscally sponsored project of CambiarTM Education.  Cambiar helps educational entrepreneurs navigate the incubation process to develop innovative solutions that disrupt the patterns of educational inequity.

Why focus on market dynamics?

CEMD is dedicated to improving outcomes for students who are historically underserved and most impacted by systemic inequities pervasive in the K-12 education market.  We believe, to increase academic achievement for these priority students, we must increase the selection, and improve the implementation and measurement, of high-quality teaching and learning solutions.

Education is, and always should be a public good. But it is also a market representing over one trillion dollars in annual spending in the United States and billions more in private and philanthropic investment. CEMD wants to demystify market factors so that decision makers can understand how their individual decisions can contribute to lasting impact for historically underserved students .

Pivotal Decisions: How market insights can help district leaders, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs improve outcomes for underserved students
In our latest white paper, we explore:

The role that the education market can play in delivering equitable outcome

The education market’s complex structure — and why it often fails the students who need it most

How sharing timely, relevant information can benefit educators, innovators, and philanthropies — and help underserved students succeed

Our Founders

Jeff Livingston

Jeff Livingston

Jeff is a founding partner at CEMD. He was previously a longtime executive at McGraw Hill Education. Jeff specializes in education markets, and in the intersection of racism, poverty, and education. He advises funders in the education space on improving outcomes for students who are Black, brown, multilingual, and/or experiencing poverty.

Beth Mejia

Beth Mejia

Beth is a founding partner at CEMD, with deep experience in product development at McGraw Hill Education and Triumph Learning. She has also worked in teaching, sales, and marketing – and has learned that the discovery and development of groundbreaking products that improve the lives of priority students is truly her passion.

Jay Bakhru

Jay Bakhru

Jay is a founding partner at CEMD and a specialist in marketing. Previously, Jay served as a consultant in Deloitte Consulting’s strategy practice, an SVP of marketing in Citigroup’s consumer group, the CEO of an Ed Tech company, and as the head of K-12 Marketing at Educational Testing Service.

Be a change-maker for underserved students in your district

There’s no substitute for good data and human connection. Interested in collaborating with other district leaders to solve challenges collectively?