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Features of Quality: The Seven Elements of High-Impact Tutoring

Tutoring can be a highly effective intervention — but not all programs are created (or implemented) equally. Read about the seven elements of high-impact tutoring, as identified by National Student Success Accelerator (NSSA).

Knowing what works is great – and knowing what doesn’t is just as important. That said, tutoring can be a highly effective intervention, but not all programs are created (or implemented) equally. 

National Student Support Accelerator (NSSA) offers comprehensive guidance for districts implementing high-impact tutoring. They have identified seven elements of high-impact tutoring, based on research and best practices from tutoring programs across the country. These seven elements are broken down into two categories: Model Elements and Foundational Elements

There are four elements that make up a high-quality tutoring model, including:

  • A tutor who is consistent and well-supported
  • Instruction that consists of high-quality materials; includes a significant time investment; and occurs 1:1 or in small groups
  • Learning Integration that ensures the tutoring focus is integrated with classroom instruction
  • Data Use that informs instruction and program improvement

There are also three Foundational Elements that are less about the specific model, and more about conditions that need to be in place for effective tutoring implementations. Those are:

  • Equity
  • Safety
  • Cohesion
Learning Integration Tutor • Equity Four Model Elements: Tutor • Instruction Learning Integration • Data Use Student Growth Data Use Safety • Instruction Cohesion Three Foundational Elements: Equity Safety • Cohesion

It is important to hone strategies for the tutoring program you’re designing, adopting, implementing – or just beginning to think about. By considering the seven elements of high-impact tutoring, as identified by NSSA, you can help ensure the effectiveness of your district’s tutoring program.

Citation: NSSA (High-Impact Tutoring: Equitable and Effective Learning Acceleration)

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