Harness the Power of Curriculum Transparency

Research, data analytics, and market insights to help the education sector improve outcomes for the country's most underserved students.


We help investors navigate the education market through market intelligence and technical assistance.


We help SEAs better understand curriculum selection within their states and build organizational capacity through curriculum transparency services and technical assistance.

By selecting high-quality curriculum in the Impact Core, student outcomes will be improved for over:

of all Black students

of all Latino students

of all Indigenous students

of all multilingual learners

of students experiencing poverty

Impact Core

Our Impact Core is a proprietary data collection represented by 934 districts, approximately 5% of all school districts in the United States. This data provides critical insights into the instructional experience of more than half the students in the country, and an outsized number of underserved students.

Research proves that curriculum has a profound ability to affect the success of our nation’s most vulnerable students.

But the lack of market data and information about curriculum and access in the United States K-12 education market means inequities have continued for generations.

Professional Black female school leader interacting with a younger student who is learning in a classroom.

Our Mission

Education is a public good, but it is also a market representing over $1 trillion in annual spending in the United States, and billions more in private and philanthropic investments.

However, the lack of information about how instructional materials are selected has left a gap in the K-12 education market, with little known about which students have access to high-quality curriculum.

CEMD is a non-profit organization committed to illuminating
K-12 education market dynamics to ensure equitable educational outcomes for historically underserved students.

We do this through research, data analytics, and expert analysis of market factors so stakeholders can make informed and impactful decisions.

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