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Insights and analysis about the latest in the K-12 education market.

Middle school Black student smiling while solving a math problem on the chalkboard.

Why Math? Why Now?: The Urgency of Relevant and Engaging Math Education

Now more than ever, teachers need access to high-quality instructional materials to engage students in real-world math education.

Tutor sitting with young student working on letters.

Assessing Your District’s Existing Mathematics Instructional Materials to Ensure Equitable Outcomes

Learn how district leaders and educators can partner to ensure equitable outcomes for multilingual learners, specifically with high-quality instructional mathematics materials.

Math class being taught by teacher at whiteboard.

Evaluating Mathematics Curriculum to Ensure Success for Multilingual Learners

High-quality instructional materials are needed to support the instruction of multilingual learners, making learning more accessible and equitable.

Black male educator saying how to involve caregivers and communities in a small, diverse group at a school district meeting.

A Team Effort: How Parents, Caregivers, and Communities Can Help Tutoring Succeed

When district leaders implemented tutoring programs, logistics were of course considered. Less talked about but perhaps as important to their success was how to engage…

K-12 education leader looking at charts and data on paper while planning for a school tutoring program.

Planning for Sustainability: Maintaining Tutoring Programs in a Post-ESSER World

With ESSER funding ending, learn how K-12 school districts plan to sustain and fund high-impact tutoring programs for underserved students.

Teacher and a student talking in a hallway.

Navigating the Tutoring Selection Process for Maximum Impact

How do districts determine whether to use internal or external tutoring partners? Read about key insights, strategies, and important factors to consider.

Students working on a group project.

Why Tutoring? Why Now?: Exploring the Urgency and Impact of Tutoring

The Center for Education Market Dynamics reflects on past conversations with district leaders across the country about their successful tutoring programs. Explore the pressing need…

a one on one meeting between a teacher and a student.

The Impact Core: The Domino Effect of Driving Change in Just 5% of U.S. School Districts

The Center for Education Market Dynamics has identified 934 districts that represent an outsized percentage of K-12 students, especially the historically marginalized. Read to learn…

Black female teacher helping a Black middle school student with his school curriculum work.

Top Five Tips for Driving Impact Through Effective Tutoring

Faced with learning loss after the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 school districts across the country have turned to high-dosage tutoring. Learn from district leaders about the…

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