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Insights and analysis about the latest in the K-12 education market.

Diverse group of high school students at white board doing math.

Reflecting on Integrated Math: Why Is It Rare in the US and Where Is It Gaining Ground?

Explore the complexities and challenges, from entrenched traditions to policy uncertainties, of integrated math adoption in the US.

Black middle aged male teacher teaching math class to Black middle school students.

The Future of California Math: What Could Localized Math Curriculum Choices Mean for The State’s Curriculum Landscape?

Explore the implications of localized math curriculum choices in California. Discover how a significant number of districts are opting for 'off-list' products and what this…

Diverse group of high school students doing math at their desks in a classroom.

Commonly Selected High School Math Curricula are Getting Dusty: 3 Key Insights From Our High School Math Report

Explore insights on the state of high school math curricula. While progress in K-8 math curriculum choices is promising, our data reveals key challenges at…

Elementary school student solving a math problem on the board with the help of her Asian teacher and diverse classmates.

How Targeted Sampling Brings an Equity Lens to Analyzing the Curriculum Landscape

Discover how targeted sampling enhances equity in analyzing the curriculum landscape. Learn how focusing on specific districts, such as those serving historically underserved communities, provides…

Black male educator tutoring a Black male high school student in a classroom.

Examining the Rise of Open Educational Resources in Math

CEMD's recent math reports reveal a rise in open educational resources (OERs), freely accessible curricula, in the national education market.

Administrator working at a desk.

Three Things We Love About EdReports’ ‘State of the Instructional Materials Market’ Report

High-quality curriculum matters. Discover three reasons why CEMD is optimistic about EdReports' instructional materials market analysis.

Black and white photographs of CEMD's Founders: Jeff Livingston, Beth Mejia, and Jay Bakhru.

Q&A With CEMD’s Founders: Reflecting on Our Mission to Transform the Education Market and Improve Student Outcomes

Founders Jeff Livingston, Beth Mejia, and Jay Bakhru reflect on CEMD's mission to help district leaders best support underserved students.

Three diverse state education agency leaders sitting at a table discussing curriculum transparency for K-12 students in their district.

Illuminating the District Curriculum Selection Landscape to Drive Systemic Change in K-12 Education

Read to discover how CEMD is bridging the information gap in district curriculum selection to drive systematic change in K-12 education.

Group of school leaders working together, reviewing data in a room.

What’s Next For EdReports In a Changing K-12 Market?

Chief Academic Officer of EdReports, Courtney Allison, shares about their work and the evolving K-12 education market's need for high-quality curriculum.

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