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District leaders are uniquely empowered to make decisions that impact students.

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The K-12 market is failing our priority students

Students who are Black, Latino, multilingual, and/or experiencing poverty need our school system to deliver supportive and effective learning experiences. And we believe it could – but for the most part, it doesn’t.

This is in many ways a market failure: the K-12 market is broken, suffering from an incomplete and fragmented information landscape.

We equip decision-makers with the information to make decisions faster to take action on behalf of underserved students

Come join our community of leaders from similar districts focused on this goal. Use our Districts Like Mine Tool to find districts like yours, how they are performing and what they are using.

Community of Peers

No more making critical decisions in isolation. You have peers who share the same challenges, interests, and goals, and CEMD will help you connect and collaborate with districts like yours.

Actionable Data

Data is everywhere, but to make it actionable, focusing on the right data in context is the key. Access performance metrics, funding information, and curriculum from districts like yours.


What people are saying…

Francisco Villegas

Francisco Villegas

Senior Vice President of School Transformation, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

The Center is a resource that can help us identify what districts similar to mine are using as one of many data points that need to be considered while making decisions about curriculum.

Jalima Alicea

Jalima Alicea

Director of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), Baltimore City Public Schools, MD

The idea of being able to grapple with issues as a cohort is a powerful idea and needed in urban education.

Brian Knowles

Brian Knowles

Manager of the Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender Studies, The School District of Palm Beach County, FL

This is a more concise way to view and evaluate other Districts; the usual process entails going to District websites to gather data, which is time consuming. This is much easier, because most of the data I would search for is viewable on a single dashboard.


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Be a change-maker for underserved students in your district

There’s no substitute for good data and human connection. Interested in collaborating with other district leaders to solve challenges collectively?