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January 22, 2024: Shifting Tides in Math Curriculum Quality

This week's Market Insights examines shifting tides in math curriculum quality, adoption guidelines, and potential to expand HQIM nationwide.

The Center for Education Market Dynamics • January 22, 2024

This week’s Market Insights examines the shifting tides in math curriculum quality, specifically adoption guidelines and their potential to expand high-quality math materials nationwide.

Newsletter Highlights:

  • Blog: The Red Sunset: How Will New Curriculum Adoptions in Key States Impact Students?
  • CEMD In the News: Bring the California Spirit of Innovation to Math Classrooms
  • Report: Closing the Gap: The Case for Curriculum Transparency
  • Report: K-8 Math Curriculum Landscape: Spotlight California
  • Report: High School Math: Examining the State of the Curriculum Market

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