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Denver Public Schools Tutoring Case Study

Denver Public Schools (DPS) piloted a district tutoring program in October 2021, as students returned to schools after a year and a half of pandemic-disrupted learning. Read about DPS's approach to tutoring, as well as their learning journey in year one of the program.

Denver Public Schools tutoring programs are high-dosage and conducted during the school day.  While they started math tutoring in grades 4-12, they will be expanding to include K-3 as well.  Early literacy tutoring includes all elementary grades.  The district works with two companies providing math tutoring and early literacy tutoring.  Their contracts are outcomes-based so that DPS pays a higher rate when more students achieve growth.  Read more about what DPS has learned and their plans for the upcoming years by clicking the link below to the entire case study.

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link Denver Public Schools Tutoring Case Study

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