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In Real Life: Targeted Tutoring With Chicago Public Schools

Watch our monthly webinar with the leadership team from Chicago Public Schools as they share their decade-long experience with an external partner. This high-dosage tutoring program is offered to students at the secondary level and integrated into the curriculum.

Chicago Public Schools implemented math tutoring more than ten years ago with an external partner. The panelists talk about what they learned about building trust between district and external staff. The results include students who feel agency over their own success and have learned that math success translates into ‘anything can be learned’.

Chicago Public Schools Panelists include:

  • Kelli Easterly, Executive Director, Department of STEM, Chicago Public Schools
  • Corey Morrison, Mathematics Director, Department of STEM, Chicago Public Schools

and with Moderator:

  • Vanessa Engel Hilton, Chief Academic Officer, Pasco County Schools

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