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Market Intelligence to Drive Impact

We provide timely market intelligence and analysis to identify market trends, illuminate the curricular footprint, and help investors measure their impact.

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Market Intelligence

Unlike other markets, the signals that drive the K-12 education market are fragmented, difficult to interpret, or altogether nonexistent. And those with the power to impact the market, don’t have the data needed to inform their decisions.

We aggregate and synthesize data and information to help impact investors navigate this market and spur transformative action.

Our proprietary dataset includes the curriculum selection information, combined with quality ratings and student and district demographic data, from over 1,000 school districts nationally. Paired with our expert analysis, this data answers critical curriculum selection questions, including:

Graphic that shows a graph with data points and a magnifying glass.

Which curriculum products and services are being selected by districts and what is the quality of these materials?

Graphic that shows a bar graph and outlines of two people.

Which products and services do historically underserved students have access to?

Student Demographics, District Size, or Region

How does access to high-quality materials vary by student demographics, district size, or region?

Leading The Market

Which suppliers and products are leading the market?

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