what we do for state education agencies

Increase Adoption of HQIM in Your State

We help State Education Agencies (SEAs) better understand curriculum selection within their state, drive an increase in adoption of high-quality instructional materials (HQIM), and deliver against their goals.

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Curriculum Transparency Services

Research shows that access to high-quality instructional materials can dramatically improve the educational outcomes of our nation’s most underrepresented students.

Our Curriculum Transparency Services enable states to see what curriculum has been selected in each district and better understand the impact of those materials on the students served.

We help SEAs build organizational capacity through:

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Data Collection & Cleaning

Collect and clean curriculum selection data in an efficient and accurate way.

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Data Analysis

Provide data analysis so that SEAs can gain insights on district-led curriculum selection.

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Visualization & Reporting

Illuminate curriculum selection data via custom reporting tools & visualizations.

Want to harness the power of curriculum transparency?

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