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Guilford County Schools Tutoring Case Study

Guilford County Schools (GCS) is the third largest school district in North Carolina serving Greensboro, High Point, and the surrounding areas. In the fall of 2020, the district launched what was to become a nationally recognized tutoring program––with just five tutors leading the charge.

Read about the district’s experience growing and scaling its tutoring program over the past two years.

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Want to know more about tutoring at Guilford County Schools?  

After reading the case study, please join us on March 16, 2023, for our In Real Life Series Webinar. Join Dr. Faith Freeman, Co-Director for the Institute for Partnerships at UNC Greensboro, formerly Director of STEM, GCS who led the original effort, and current leader, Kara Hamilton, Tutorial Programming Director, GCS, in a session facilitated by host Simone Wright, Associate Chief of Academics for Denver Public Schools.  

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