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In Real Life: Targeted Tutoring With Lenoir City Schools

Watch November's webinar with the leadership team from Lenoir City Schools (LCS) near Knoxville, TN and facilitated by Vanessa Engel Hilton, Chief Academic Officer from Pasco County Schools (FL) where they discuss the findings of their pilot tutoring implementation.

Lenoir City Schools implemented tutoring in ELA and Math district-wide after a successful pilot and became an example for other districts across Tennessee. The panelists talk about their school district’s characteristics, what they learned about hiring tutors, community involvement, measuring outcomes, and what they would have done differently. 

Lenoir City Schools Panelists include:

  • Cherie Long, District-Wide Mathematics/Science Instructional Coach
  • Shannon Tufts, District-Wide Literacy Instructional Coach
  • Shawn Walker, Student Success Coordinator

and with Moderator:

  • Vanessa Engel Hilton, Chief Academic Officer, Pasco County Schools

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