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Male teacher working with student in a computer lab.
Case Study

Lenoir City Schools Tutoring Case Study

Lenoir City Schools (LCS) is a small district southwest of Knoxville, TN. LCS piloted an intensive tutoring program for high school math students. Pleased with…

Black male educator saying how to involve caregivers and communities in a small, diverse group at a school district meeting.

Engaging Caregivers & Communities

When it comes to implementing a tutoring program, involving caregivers and community members is a vital ingredient in student success. Read about key strategies for…

Hispanic female tutoring program director discussing how to track and measure student outcome data with a tutor.

Measuring Impact

Regardless of what kind of tutoring program you implement, gauging student outcomes is critical. Use this resource to help you set goals for your tutoring…

K-12 education leader looking at charts and data on paper while planning for a school tutoring program.

Outcomes-Based Contracting

Outcomes-based contracting is an increasingly common practice to ensure that educational providers deliver on student learning. But is this approach right for your district? Use…

Collaborating school staff working at a table with a laptop.

Navigating Tutoring Options: Internal, External, or Hybrid

Mackenzie Flynn, Market Specialist at CEMD, discusses three approaches to tutoring - internal, external, or hybrid - and what should be considered when making tutoring…

Vincent Quan, Co-Executive Director of J-PAL North America giving a presentation.

Why Tutoring? Why Now?

Vincent Quan, Co-Executive Director of J-PAL North America, shares the results of their analysis of randomized control trials on tutoring and the extraordinary magnitude of…

Resource Selecting Products and Services from External Tutoring Providers

Selecting Products & Services From External Tutoring Providers

Tutoring products and services take many shapes and sizes. This article shares a framework that district leaders can use to consider different solutions, whether they…

Resources Decisions Decisions

Decisions, Decisions: Navigating Tutoring Options

District leaders ask, should we develop our district’s tutoring program internally, partner with external providers, or take a hybrid approach? Use this decision tree to…

Features of Quality: The Seven Elements of High-Impact Tutoring

Features of Quality: The Seven Elements of High-Impact Tutoring

Tutoring can be a highly effective intervention — but not all programs are created (or implemented) equally. Read about the seven elements of high-impact tutoring,…

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